Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meet Sweetie Pie Press

Name/Location/Company or craft represented at the Congress: Becky Johnson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Sweetie Pie Press
How long have you been crafting?: I've had my little business for going on four years now, but I'm sure I made something with my hands before that.
How did you hear about Craft Congress? Are you facilitating a session at all?: I don't know how the Craft Congress heard about me, but I was invited to join the Yahoo Group in the fall. And the entire Toronto contingent will be facilitating the end-of-congress feedback session (don't believe that Leah isn't facilitating just because she doesn't seem to be; she just opted What are you hoping you'll take away after the sessions?: I think I'm most interested in meeting the people involved in this "movement" and, in so doing, getting a sense of the mindset behind the various facets of this things we've all become wrapped up in.
Have you been to Pittsburgh before? How are you getting to Pennsylvania?: I was in Pittsburgh once this past fall on my craft tour of America. That visit mostly consisted of holing up in a motel by the airport and making buttons while watching Law and Order. I hope to see more of the city this time. All of us Torontonians are driving down in my station wagon ("Boris").
What songs are you planning on listening to during the trip?: Oldies on A.M. radio! The only way to drive!

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